Franchise with Eva’s & Co

You may have seen the hype on Instagram or the line-ups outside our stores… now we’re offering a sweet franchise opportunity to be your own boss a location combing Eva’s and our sister brand Guerrilla Burger


Why Eva’s & Co?

Eva’s Original and Guerrilla Burger combine to bring together a beloved dessert and vegan burger brand under one roof – with streamlined operations, high customer appeal, and no meat products.

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Millions of global media impressions in major publications: from Forbes to the Food Network

Multi-award-winning business and international category leader

Everything ready to go: from designs to recipes and marketing. And, comprehensive ongoing training and support

A wide range of vegan options sets us apart from competitors and caters to a growing market

Proprietary recipes and names that customers know and love

Unique concept and brand story with multiple trademarks, including “Chimney Cone®” and “Chimwich®”

Meet Eva

Born and raised in Budapest, Eva left Hungary and came to Canada with her family during the revolution of 1956.

Co-founders Kristin and Justin tried one of grandma Eva’s favourite childhood treats, kürtőskalács, on a family trip to Budapest – and they were completely moved by the taste and experience. They immediately trained at a traditional Chimney Cake facility and then returned to Canada to work with Eva and perfect a dough recipe.

Our menus

Eva’s: Grandma’s treats with a twist

Eva’s brings together tradition and trend – enjoy classic Hungarian kürtőskalács on their own or in exciting combos like with ice cream or crème brûlée.

Guerrilla Burger: Next-level vegan burgers

The Eva’s team launched the Guerrilla Burger vegan burger brand to offer a savoury vegan menu that is as next-level as our desserts.

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How we support you

The proven brands and operations of an established company + the freedom to be your own boss and run your own ice cream and vegan burger business in one location!

Site selection

Work with our real estate partners or we can provide site and location specifications to yours.

Turnkey operations & recipes

All of our processes and operations – from recipes to inventory management and POS are set and ready to go.

Product innovation

We are regularly developing new and trending recipes – and we provide all instructions and promotional materials.

Construction & design

We provide support for all construction and design and communicate directly with contractors.


Two weeks pre- and two weeks post-launch hands on training with our team – plus ongoing support and training when you need it.

Marketing & branding

Photography, social media, website and SEO, influencer partnerships, emails sent to 25k+ customers + access to our brand content hub.

Franchising with Eva’s is one if the best decisions I’ve made. It’s like working with close friends or family who share the same passion and we work towards the same goal to deliver a unique and delicious treat…”

Jose Zepada, Owner of Eva’s and Guerrilla Burger Port Credit


Our latest updates

Eva's Original BC Vancouver White Rock Canada
For the first time ever, this location features hard scoop in addition to our customer favourite menu of soft serve flavours.
Franchise food truck opportunity Halifax Nova Scotia
Our East Coast franchise team is looking to sell an established Halifax area food truck business. This is an amazing opportunity to acquire a turn-key location with proven success.
White Rock BC Best ice Cream new Eva's
The perfect location right by White Rock’s iconic pier!
Learn about our exciting new Franchise opportunities across Canada and the US.

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Franchising FAQs

What is a franchise?

A franchise is a business model where an individual (franchisee) buys the rights to operate a business under the branding and guidance of a franchisor.

How does franchising work?

Think of a franchise like buying a ready-made business package. You pay to use a well-known brand name, products, and processes. In return, you follow their rules and pay fees. You get to run your own store, but you're part of a bigger company's network, which provides support and benefits from your success.

What are the benefits of franchising?

A franchise allows the franchisee to benefit from the established brand, products, operations and marketing of the franchisor and, while following business guidelines, run their own business.

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

Costs vary significantly as it depends on what is required to build your location, the equipment required and the inventory required. You will need to consider these costs: Franchise fee, construction and design fees, initial rent + security deposits, launch expenses + working capital and your own professional fees (legal and accounting).

How can I buy a franchise in Canada?

To buy a franchise in Canada, start by researching opportunities in your desired industry and that are within your budget. Consider attending franchise expos to learn more about available options and reach out to franchisors directly. Once you have a franchise you are seriously interested in, most provinces require that the franchisor provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document – which is a legal document that includes detailed information about the franchise company. After 14 days of receiving this agreement if you would like to proceed then you can sign your franchise agreement. Please note that rules and regulations vary between provinces and you will need to seek legal advice before entering into any franchise agreement.

Why do franchisees pay royalties and marketing fees?

Franchisees pay royalties to the franchisor as a percentage of their sales to continue using the brand, support, and resources. The brands in turn invest ongoing in product development and operations which benefit all franchisees. Marketing fees are used to design and create content and deliver marketing campaigns that benefit all franchisees by promoting the brand.