Welcome to Eva's Original

You've seen the line ups... now we're offering a sweet franchise opportunity!

Welcome to Eva's Original

You've seen the line ups...
now we're offering a sweet franchise opportunity!

What Makes Eva's a Winning Franchise?

Category Leader

We're a multi-award-winning business and an international category leader


We've got everything ready to go: from your designs to recipes and marketing. And, we give you comprehensive ongoing training and support


We've developed proprietary recipes, designs and names that our customers have come to know and love

Global Media Sensation

Millions of global media impressions, support from marketing team and access to content hub


Our menu includes a wide range of vegan options – which sets us apart from our competitors and caters to a growing market


We have a unique concept and brand story with multiple trademarks, including "Chimney Cone®" and "Chimwich®"

Eva's Concept Is Like No Other

Authentically Hungarian

From the moment you walk into an Eva’s, you will feel like you’ve just taken a trip to Budapest.

Made From Scratch

The best pastry you've ever tried

Our team rolls every Chimney Cake and Cone by hand and each order is baked and freshly prepared.

Vegan Options

Totally Instgram-worthy

We incorporate authentic Hungarian decor and imagery that make the perfect Instagram backdrop.

Baked to Order
Signature Flavors

Who Is Eva?

Born and raised in Budapest, Eva left Hungary during the revolution of 1956. She made her way to Canada with her husband and children, leaving everything else behind.

Co-founders Kristin and Justin tried one of grandma Eva’s favourite childhood treats, kürtőskalács, on a family trip to Budapest – and they were completely moved by the taste and experience. They immediately trained at a traditional Chimney Cake facility and then returned to Canada to work with Eva and perfect a dough recipe.

They opened the first Eva’s food truck in 2015, and quickly gained popularity. After many high-profile pop-ups, the flagship Eva’s location opened in early 2017 at 454 Bloor W, Toronto.

Eva’s now operates multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Area, and there are three locations on Canada’s east coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia and St John’s, Newfoundland.
Eva Event

Eva's Core Product: The Best Pastry You've Ever Tried

Our core product is the Chimney Cake (kürtőskalács) – a freshly baked, Hungarian specialty.  A delicious and unique, bread-like freshly baked Hungarian pastry, named after its hollow, cylindrical shape. They have a satisfying crunch on the outside and a soft, fluffy dough on the inside.

We put a lot of attention and detail into every
Chimney Cake we serve:

• Each one is hand-rolled and baked fresh to order
• Our dough is vegan and uses just 7, all-natural ingredients: unbleached flour, filtered water, organic cane sugar, sunflower oil, lemon, fresh yeast and sea salt.
• Many of our toppings are made from scratch by our in-house.

We are proud to bring this traditional Hungarian treat to the world with an Eva’s take on it.

Eva's Menu: Vegan and Dairy Delights

We have designed a simple menu with Chimney Cakes and our famous Chimney Cones®.

We offer vegan options as much as possible and we allow customers to make substitutes and customize their order with toppings and spreads.

We also have developed a savoury option, the Chimwich®, to transform our cones into delicious sandwiches.

Customers Love Eva's:

"Like no other!"

"A unique sweet like no other! If you've never had a chimney cone before, then this is the place to go. Several varieties of cones - a sugary croissant like texture with soft serve ice cream, syrup, and toppings. Absolutely delicious!"

"Always Delicious!"

"The ice cream is always delicious. Unique cone creations. Worthy decadent treats 😊 My favourite ones are caramel brownie crunch and strawberry cheesecake."

"The Most Amazing!"

"The most amazing and original ice cream cones. Simply out of this world. They make it all right in front of your eyes. This is a feast of flavours and tastes. ENJOY!"

Eva's Design

Sample rendering only for mall kiosk concept. Our team will work with you to create the best design for your space using our brand assets.

We have developed design assets for all areas of the
operation – from graphics to materials and layouts
– to ensure every element of Eva’s stands out.

If you know Eva's Original, then you know this is an exceptional opportunity. Limited premier locations available. Inquire today!

Look Who's Talking about Eva's

We’ve been truly overwhelmed and so grateful for all the reviews, awards, media and customer support Eva’s has received:

34K+ followers ​

35k+ customer email subscribers ​

Comprehensive loyalty program ​

Top 10 on yelp.ca for ice cream ​

2400+ Google reviews at 4.5 stars

Initial Franchise Investment (estimate)

Item Amount Description

Franchise Fee

Rights, onboarding/training, launch marketing support.

Initial Inventory

$15,000 (approx.)
Dough, ice cream mix, toppings and sauces, sleeves, uniforms. From Eva's corporate or approved distributor.

Location Build

$250,000+ (estimated: must be quoted depending on location)
Recommended unit size is 400-1000 square feet. Costs will vary based on size and location. Costs include designs, materials, construction, equipment and management.

Professional Fees

Legal fees, accountant fees, insurance, permits, working capital

ROYALTIES 6% of monthly gross sales • MARKETING 2%

Anticipated Stages

• Complete Application
• Confirm Location/Region
• Receive Preliminary Approval
• Security Deposit $5k (refundable)
• Issue Disclosure Documentation
• Discovery Day/Interview
• Background Check
• Receive Final Approval
• Sign Franchise Agreement & Payment of Franchise Fee
• Site Selection & Approval
• Store Design
• Store Build
• Training and Preparations for Opening
• Pre-Launch Marketing
• Grand opening!

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